Saturday, July 10, 2010


Right now I'm realizing how important it is to remember the things that we love about ourselves. So right now, I’m going to do just that. I want to reflect on all of the things I learned and felt at Live Big. Sadly, I’ve allowed myself to be consumed by the world and my own self pity and have forgotten the things I discovered about myself. So here is my list of some things that I love about myself. There are lots of things I love about myself... these are just a few.

-I love that I am a kind person. I feel like I truly do care for others and their feelings. I sincerely want those that I love to be happy.

-I love that it is easy for me to get along with others and to make friends.

-I love how easy it is for me to feel the spirit and the love of my Heavenly Father.

-I love how important it is to me that I follow my heart, regardless of the pain it may bring.

-I love how it has never been a challenge for me to admit my mistakes. I don’t feel I am a proud person, although I have had my moments.

-I love that I have a desire to be obedient.

-I love that I am easily pleased and that it doesn’t take much to satisfy me.

-I love that I am good with children and that I truly love being around them.

-I love that I make people feel comfortable to talk to me and that my family and friends know that if they need someone to talk to that they can count on me.

-I love that I am a good listener

-I love how much I laugh. I guess this goes along with being easily pleased. I am easily entertained and very light hearted and easy going.

-I love how quickly I take action when I feel I am doing something that isn’t right.

-I love that I have a desire to be a better person and to improve myself.

-I love how much I love my family.

-I love how funny I think I am…regardless of what others tell me!

-I love that I find joy in little things.

-I love that people feel comfortable around me.

-I love that I can get someone to open up to me in just a short time after meeting them.

-I love my desire to be successful and to do well.

-I love that I see the good in people and being able to see other’s potential and greatness inside them.

-I love that I am a grateful person.

-I love that I know how to entertain myself.

-I love my willingness to serve.

-I love how easily it is for me to give support to those I love.

-I love that I love to have fun and although I might not be a creator of fun, I think I am a contributor to fun.

-I love that I am an understanding person.

-I love that I put people above results.

-I love that I am a giving person.

-I love that I am optimistic. (although sometimes I’m a little too optimistic)

-I love that I am content and happy when others are happy.

-I love that I have a testimony and love for the gospel. I truly feel blessed to be a member of the only true church and I am so grateful for the knowledge and power it brings me in my life.

-I love how amazing I feel right now after writing this list. I feel beautiful.

The world really has a way of bringing you down after you have realized the greatness inside yourself and after you have learned to love yourself. This last little while life put to test everything I learned and discovered at Live Big. I wish I could say I held my own perfectly and that I always put into action the things I learned, but very sadly, I didn’t. In just this short time since Live Big, I had already forgotten who I am and that I don’t need others to feel loved or certain and that I have everything I need to feel that inside of myself. There were times when life felt like it was crumbling me and I allowed myself to be consumed by the circumstances and made myself a victim of the situations. But the difference this time, is I was able to recognize it and change my state of mind and hold strong, recognizing that I create the results in my life and no outside force can affect the way I feel on the inside. I am fortunate enough to have amazing people in my life reminding me to shine bright and allow my glorious divinity to shine through; always remembering that everything has a purpose and even though it’s sometimes hard to see the big picture at times, everything works out exactly like it’s supposed to. Every challenge, every detour, every opportunity, every person is put into my life exactly when it’s supposed to , to teach me exactly what I need to learn. I just have to remember who I am, especially during those times, and put my life into perspective. It’s just a matter of holding on to who I am and having gratitude for the things I have learned and gained and focusing on right now and to shine bright.

Life is great. It’s hard, but I think that is what makes it great. The fact that I have the ability to stand tall during times of hardships is what makes life great. How awesome is that? Satan will try to bring you down in every way possible, but just holding on to who I am and remembering to turn to my Heavenly Father during those times is the greatest blessing of all. If these last few weeks can’t bring me down, nothing can. I know I will be just fine out in the “real world” as long as I remember the greatness inside of me and remembering that everything has a purpose and even though I may not see that purpose right away, the key is to just be patient. Eventually, I will see how everything falls into place perfectly. Everything works out just as it is supposed to and I love that.


  1. i love that you will color Toy Story pictures with me for hours!!!

  2. Hi Aly! I love how beautiful you are inside and out. I love your laugh and your smile. I love how independent you try to be. I love how strong you are. Sometimes that strength comes across as stubbornness, and I think that sometimes it is, but your inner strength shows through over and over in your life. Be Brave! I know I say that a lot but I believe it. Being brave is key to making life the best it can be! I love you Aly! You ARE beautiful!!